Sep 15, 2013

Hotels Near DC Metro Stations

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Make Sure the Hotel You Select is Within Walking Distance of a DC Metro Station. Choosing A Hotel near but not In Washington, DC may Substantially Reduce Your Hotel Bill

If you are planning a trip to  Washington, DC and are only looking for downtown hotels (i.e., within the District of Columbia), you may want to broaden your search to include suburban hotels.  In particular, you may want to include Northern Virginia and Maryland hotels in your search. Further, you should consider Washington area hotels located near DC metro subway stations because the metro system gives you access to much of what Washington, DC has to offer, and you may be able to find a more reasonably priced hotel near, but not in, Washington. That is, by using DC by Metro you may be able to get a Washington, DC area hotel without the DC hotel price.

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In Northern Virginia you can find hotels located near metro subway stations in Arlington County; the city of Alexandria; and Vienna, VA, which is in Fairfax County. Arlington County offers the widest selection of Washington, DC area hotels near metro stations. The Arlington County Metro Stations with hotels nearby are Rosslyn, Courthouse, Ballston-MU, Pentagon City, and Crystal City. Alexandria has three metro stops with hotels nearby--Braddock Road, King Street (the major Alexandria stop serving Old Town Alexandria), and Eisenhower Avenue. Finally, the Dunn Loring Metro Station, which is in Vienna, VA, (Fairfax County) has a hotel that you can see from the Metro Station exit.  And, as an added bonus, all these Metro Subway Stations, with the exception of Eisenhower Avenue, have subway service that takes you directly to the Smithsonian Metro Station, making these metro stations tourist friendly.

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In Maryland, you will find Washington, DC area hotels located near dc metro subway stations in Friendship Heights, which straddles the DC-Maryland border, Bethesda, White Flint, Silver Spring, and Twinbrook. The Friendship Heights area has an urban feel somewhat like many parts of downtown Washington, giving you many of the benefits of downtown Washington, DC hotels.  The areas around the other Maryland metro stations with hotels nearby have a somewhat more suburban feel, but at any one of these stations you may be able to find the perfect Washington, DC area hotel at a suburban price.  The listed Maryland hotels located near the Friendship Heights, Bethesda, White Flint and Twinbrook Metro Stations are within a six minute walk of their respective Metro Station.  Hotels near the Silver Spring Metro Station, on the other hand, are a longer walk from the metro station.  That said, the shops and restaurants in Silver Spring may make the extra walk worthwhile.

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While finding an acceptable bargain hotel in the DC area may be a challenge, there are several potential bargain hotels near dc metro stations that may fit the bill.  Also, if you are able to be flexible with your schedule or you are willing to give up some control over which hotel you select, you may be able to find a cheap hotel near a metro station.

However in the end it doesn't matter if you are looking for a budget hotel or a luxury hotel in the Washington, DC area, hotels located near dc metro stations offer mobility that is hard to beat.  So, for your next visit  to Washington, DC consider hotels near Washington, DC.  Your wallet will thank you.

Thanks for visiting DC by Metro.  We hope you find the perfect Washington, DC area hotel for your next visit to Washington, DC.  Remember you may find the perfect hotel if you consider hotels near Washington, DC that are also near a Metro Subway Station operated by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA).